Advancing Racial Justice and Effective Policy

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized, racism is a public health crisis. Centuries of racism in the U.S. have created deep inequities in housing, income, healthcare, education, public safety, transportation, food access, and other social determinants of health, with profound negative impacts on the long-term physical and mental health of millions of people of color. Addressing racism and racial inequities across these myriad systems requires a coordinated public health response that links individuals, communities, and policymakers.

This virtual briefing will highlight legislation currently pending in Congress that would recognize and address racism as a public health threat. Join YWCA USA and our network of more than 200 local associations in 45 states and DC to learn why passing this legislation is an important first step toward greater racial equity and more effective policy, and how it can deepen our understanding of the issues, improve resource allocation, and enhance the coordination of federal response strategies.